Dear Lottsa clients –

Read on for what to expect as we work with our clients to file 2023 tax returns:

  • If you are interested in scheduling a tax intake meeting, please contact the Lottsa offices (612-338-7459).   The last day to meet with tax preparers regarding individual tax returns is March 15.
  • Lottsa endeavors to work with our clients to meet filing commitments by the federal and state deadlines:
    • March 15th is the common deadline to file a return or an extension for S-Corp, and Partnership tax returns.
    • April 15th is the deadline to file a return or an extension for individual tax returns (1040), Trust Tax Returns, and most C-Corp returns.
  • You may bring your 2023 tax materials to an in-person meeting OR you may deliver your tax materials to Lottsa (via Mail, the portal, or by dropping off at the office.)  We will begin work on your return once we have received:
    • Your signed Engagement Letter  (If married, both spouses must sign.  If a dependent must file a return and is currently 18 years or older, they must also sign their own Engagement Letter.)
    • A completed tax organizer
    • Your 2023 tax forms and information
  • Our Tax Season Office hours are  9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday, and Saturdays 10 am – 2 pm.
  • Our 2023 rates are posted on the Services & Fees portion of this web site.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with you!

Lottsa Staff