Scott Beers

Scott Beers, E.A., CFP®


The Facts

  • Founder and President, Lottsa Tax & Accounting Services, Inc. 1982-Present
  • Certified Financial Planner®
  • Enrolled Agent
  • Coursework at College for Financial Planning: 2004-2006
  • Tax & Accounting Coursework at Metro State University: 1983-1986; 2010-2012
  • Liberal Arts Coursework at Grinnell College, Grinnell, IA: 1974-1976
  • Graduate, St Louis Park High School: 1974
  • Member, NATP (National Association of Tax Professionals)
  • Member, NAEA (National Association of Enrolled Agents)
  • I read avidly and am intellectually curious. I obtain at least 30 hrs per year of continuing professional education in tax, accounting, and/or financial planning.

The Story

I was born and raised in the Twin Cities. I went to Field School in Minneapolis (K-4) and graduated from St Louis Park high school in 1974. I attended Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa for 3 semesters where I was thrilled to study history and literature, two loves that remain with me today.

In 1976 I realized that I needed more life experience, so I embarked on two years as a vagabond, hitchhiking and riding freights throughout the U.S. and Canada. It was my way of trying to discover America in that bicentennial year.

While home for a few weeks in Spring 1978, I fell into a job with a local co-op and discovered an exciting blend of community based economics and holistic living. Having studied bookkeeping in high school, I knew more than most in the local co-ops and was soon being looked to as an authority.

Realizing full well how little I knew, I began taking courses at Metro State University. I completed all of their required classes for an accounting major, but have not obtained enough additional credits to complete a degree program.

Loretta Thomas (deceased 1989) and I started Lottsa in June of 1982. We had two co-op clients when we opened but it grew quickly from there.

In 1986 I sat for the 2 day Enrolled Agent (E.A.) exam that is administered by the IRS. Having passed all four parts, I became a practicing E.A. This designation allows me to represent taxpayers before the IRS in audit or other disputes. It requires that continuing education requirements be fulfilled and that IRS specified standards of ethical practice be maintained.

A growing interest in working with people towards their futures rather than reporting on their past, led me to pursue formal training in personal financial planning to supplement the knowledge I’d gathered piecemeal over the years. I passed the CFP® exam in November 2006.

Personal Notes

I married Kathryn Sedo in 1987. She’s a retired University of Minnesota law professor, an accomplished yogi, and a wonderful open-hearted person. We have two children ages 33 (Michelle) and 25 (Caden). I am richly blessed and deeply grateful.

I became interested in meditation in 1982 when Katagiri Roshi of the MN Zen Meditation Center pointed out that many of us working for peace did not have peace within ourselves. That surely was true of me! I connected with a teacher named Lar Short in 1984 and have practiced meditation in the Way of Radiance ever since.

I’m grateful to live in Minnesota in the early 21st century, with all of its opportunities. I look forward to the continued, inexorable movement to adopt progressive policies in our state and nation.

I love gardening and watching baseball. Travel is a great pleasure. I try to SCUBA dive in tropical waters at least 2-3 days per year. I enjoy most expressions of humanity’s potential, whether artistic, athletic, spiritual, or intellectual.