What are the steps in the tax preparation process with Lottsa?

It begins with receiving your tax information. New clients will meet with Sarah or Scott. Returning clients can meet with Scott or Sarah or can mail/drop off their materials. If your situation is complicated or has changed significantly since the prior tax year, a meeting is strongly recommended. One of our staff preparers may sit in on the meeting if agreeable to you. You will not be charged for both people's time.

A staff preparer will make an initial data entry run through your tax materials and will organize the file. If there are missing or unclear items, you will be contacted and asked to fill in the gaps.

Once deemed ready, Sarah K, Mary, Daniel, or Scott will review the staff work on your taxes. If the file is complete and there are no needs for information, we'll get it printed and right out to you. Often there will be some additional info needed or decisions to make about some tax matter. You'll receive our inquiry on this, and we'll wrap it when we're complete. Unless you tell us differently or we're pushing up against a filing deadline, our work product will be mailed to you along with an invoice. Payment is due upon receipt.