It's getting to be the middle or end of March, and I'm just getting my personal tax information together. Can you still do my taxes?

Respecting the clients ahead of you and with an eye to self-care, we'll only prepare them under extension. If you get the tax information to us by March 15, 2019, our staff will key in the figures as soon thereafter as possible. Assuming your data is complete, Sarah K, Mary, Daniel, or Scott will likely have time to go through it so that you can file on time.

If the data is incomplete, we receive it after the above date, or work simply hasn't moved through as quickly as expected, then the data will be keyed in and Sarah K, Mary, Daniel, or Scott will give it a cursory check so that we can prepare form 4868, Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File. This will give you until October 15, 2019, to file the return. However, if you owe money for the 2018 tax year, the balance is due on April 15, 2019 along with the form 4868. You are getting an extension of time to file, not to pay. If you have a balance due when you file after April 15, penalties and interest will be due.