Our company began on June 1, 1982 as a partnership between Scott Beers and Loretta Thomas to provide accounting and management services to two food co-ops. We later incorporated, and Scott became the sole shareholder upon Loretta's death in 1989. Daniel Palahniuk became minority shareholder and Vice President effective January 1, 2018.

Lottsa Tax & Accounting Services, Inc. provides tax and accounting services. We do them well at a good value for the client. We do not provide audit or review services.

Lottsa Financial Services, Inc. is an affiliated company that offers personal financial planning and asset management on a fee-only basis while adhering to a fiduciary standard.

Really, though, ours is a relationship business. We like our clients. We join in celebrating their successes and anguishing with them as they confront challenges. The truly rewarding part of the business is relating with others, being able to help them with important and sometimes very intimate decisions.

We charge by the hour for accounting services and for tax preparation. That is not the industry norm and flies in the face of most 'practice management' advice. However, it's the only fair way to bill that we know of. Providing the same output to different clients may require vastly different amounts of our time and effort. We want to reward the well-prepared, organized client by presenting them with lower fees than those who are less prepared.

We believe that people should not be dependent on professionals. We'll provide the level of service that you need, and will encourage you to find the appropriate spot along the accounting/tax prep spectrum where our services will deliver the best value for you.

We do not bind our clients to a contract. If our service is good, if the value is there, you'll stay with us. If we don't meet or exceed your expectations, you can go elsewhere without restriction.

Ever since we started, our offices have been on the West Bank. With the University of MN and Augsburg College, there's a vibrant intellectual climate here. Its array of recent immigrants bring a dynamism that's exciting to be amongst. We feel connected to the West Bank's progressive political activism and its artistic creativity, both past and present.