2019 Tax Planning

Avoiding an April Surprise

If the following apply to you, then you (or your business entity) are a prime candidate for year-end planning:

  • There have been significant changes in your income, expenses, withholding, and/or family situation;
  • You are self-employed and the results vary materially from the prior year;
  • You make estimated tax payments and want them to be on the mark rather than a guess based on prior year or previously estimated results;
  • You bump up against some of the "phase-outs" that plague taxation;
  • Your income and/or expense will be substantially different in future years;
  • You have questions about retirement plans for 2019 or future years;
  • Your investments have generated a lot of capital (loss)/gain activity;
  • You wonder about the organizational structure of your business;
  • 2019 is a TERRIBLE year and you expect negative (or abnormally low) taxable income;
  • You've heard of the opportunity to convert assets from IRA to Roth IRA and want to explore that possibility for your situation; or
  • You simply want to know where you stand before the end of the year.

Please call our office to obtain an appointment. Bring your record(s) of the relevant tax factors to the meeting, and we'll proceed from there. Working together, we can avoid April surprises, and maybe work some tax "magic".


Scott Beers